How to Solve The Immigration Problem

How to Solve The Immigration Problem

The answer to our immigration problem is definitely not politics or government action. Thats only a temporary duct tape fix.

With a surge in illegal immigration this year, and a large number of children attempting to make the journey alone, the immigration issue has heated up again. But why do we leave our poverty and corruption ridden countries? Because of a lack of opportunity.

Over 70,000 children are expected to attempt to cross the US border this year. If they get caught, they’re locked up in cages, transported like criminals and confronted by people ‘kindly encouraging’ them to leave. Sure an easy fix would be to deport them, but what happens when they’re deported? What happens when they reach the countries they’re desperately fleeing from? They’re either going to try again, and again, and again, or settle to live in a country thats upside down due to drug trafficking and unstable corrupt governments.

With 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, the US has bigger problems right at home. But again, what happens if the DREAM Act passes, granting a path to legal residency for 2 million DREAMer’s? What happens after you give legal status to the 12 million of undocumented immigrants in the US? Do we just go on and live a good life, and thats it? How do we solve the continuing issue of others salivating for the opportunities you and I take for granted?


Here’s the problem: As immigrants in the 21st century, we come to this country with the right intentions, but with the wrong mindset and the wrong action plan.

Our intentions are great, we come in search for a better life, but our action plan is to work hard and find a stable job to provide a little more for our families than we could in our countries. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’re leaving a lot on the table. Think back to your history class, or Google how this country was founded. Did that wave of immigrants come looking for a job? There were no jobs! They had to create their own opportunity, they had to build something. They knew it would be a grind, they new it was up to them to build things for the future, so they built business, created new industries, found ways to make things better, and a wave of technological innovations and revolutions ensued. Thats how the great USA was built: by immigrants, by entrepreneurs.

Immigrants by nature are hungry, driven, resourceful, innovative, and have an unparalleled work ethic. These are exactly the characteristics successful entrepreneurs have. We have a “whatever it takes” mentality, and risk literally everything for an opportunity. For an opportunity! Not for a safe bet, not for a cozy paycheck, a low interest home loan, 401k, IRA or a reliable Toyota Camry. All we wanted was an opportunity, and when we embarked on the journey – as an immigrant or an entrepreneur – we had no idea what would come out of it. We dreamed big! We said “I deserve better!” and jumped into it without looking back.

Entrepreneurs create opportunity where others see only problems. The root cause for this current immigration problem, is a lack of opportunity outside of the US, and not enough people working to make a difference. My mission is to reignite the entrepreneurial drive found within us, and create opportunity for our latin american countries, as well as in our hispanic communities. We need more leaders, we need more entrepreneurs.

The answer lies in your hands and mine. What are we doing to create opportunity? What are we building, how are we giving others the same privileges and opportunities found here in this great country? If we had more people working on the solutions to the root of the problem, we’d be working on immigrating to Mars and solving our bigger problems, not yelling at kids on a bus. like the Murrieta immigration protests

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