How To Be More Productive By Being Yourself

How To Be More Productive By Being Yourself

Spending a week in several coffee shops allowed me to see different types of people pass by. Join me as I venture into the thoughts, experiences and reflections of a humble 22-year old dreamer.

A lot of students were studying that morning, I observed. Some were using highlighters, while some were using colorful pens. Others were talking out loud as if making a speech, while there are those who prefer to plug in some earphones and get lost in the music. I wondered, as I looked at them, who could be most effective?

Being a business graduate, I attended a lot of seminars about productivity, I’ve downloaded a lot of apps about developing habits and creating my own rhythm. But as days passed, I realized that nothing can beat my personal cork board. Yes, it’s time consuming, but it’s my personal style.

“Staring at a blank wall doesn’t always mean procrastination. For some, it means a masterpiece in the making.”

There are four distinct productivity styles according to Work Simply author Carson Tate. He emphasized the importance of identifying our personal rhythm before planning or even engaging in anything. Once we get the beat, it would be much easier to dance along with it.

What’s your style?


These are fact-based, analytical, often logic-obsessed people. For a prioritizer, measurement is key. If you’re progress can’t be measured, then it isn’t worth it. These people are goal driven, competitive and are ALWAYS time-bound.

Often, they are too focused on quantity, that they disregard quality. Do you know someone who works in a bank? Everyone expects you to work fast and accurately at the same time. Sometimes, being too focused on figures would also make one controlling and rigid. These people won’t stop until they get the job done. They also won’t wait around for other people, making them the most progressive but least loved in the bunch.



  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Analytical thinker
  • Decision Maker
  • Reliable


Useful tips:

  • Learn how to delegate your work
  • Ask for feedback
  • Inform your contacts about the best time to communicate with you.
  • Use traditional materials such as sticky notes and highlighters.


Recommended Apps:

Podio: Detailed Project Management System that helps you personalize and be more descriptive of the amount of tasks done. It also gives you daily progress of what needs to get done.

Google Calendar: Simple no non-sense calendar app that you can easily share with colleagues and subordinates. It also reminds you of appointments and other matters.

Toggl: Helps you track your time and keep tasks in check.

Sidekick for Email: Allows you to measure email marketing effectiveness, and measure communication.


Plan Ahead.

This person loves details. They are very keen on looking at smaller details that they easily identify mistakes or gaps commonly overlooked by the typical person. The planner can’t function without writing it down first. If it isn’t in his to-do list, it won’t get done.

For planners, what’s written is what matters. They are sometimes busy noticing the little imperfections, that they can’t appreciate the general picture. But they are very good at project management and creating workflow systems. Planners need detailed instructions, they hate guessing and it annoys them when you just tell them what you want instead of breaking it down into chewable pieces.


  • Organized and keeps everybody else at par
  • Clarifies ambiguity and doubt in discussions
  • Takes action and very responsible

Useful Tips:

  • Always carry a mini notebook and a pen.
  • Simplify goals into actionable tasks.
  • Group tasks into categories, or according to location.


Recommended Apps:

Todoist: Helps you write down your tasks for the day, and check them once done.

HabitRPG: A helpful tool that helps the average person form habits through a fun game that allows you to be accountable of your progress.

Evernote: Need a digital notebook? Works everytime.

Skitch: Look, sometimes details aren’t just words. Use skitch to add details to photos, or other visuals. This is used correspondingly with Evernote.



So, you’re a mind mapper? You like everything to be in its proper place. You can’t stand it if your shoe is placed in the wrong shoebox, and you are, in some way or another, able to find the correct order in things. You are often loved by your colleagues, being the team player who knows how to settle everything. While you have great respect for facts and figures, you refuse to be limited by them.

Arrangers are personal when it comes to their property. Sometimes they can’t function using someone else’s laptop and can be easily swayed by their emotions. They define their progress into categories and associate them with different shades of colors.


  • Understand other team players on a personal level.
  • Knows how to mingle with others.
  • Can find solutions to spatial problems.

Useful Tips:

  • Keep different colored stickers or highlighters.
  • Use a white background more often.
  • Label things when needed.


Recommended Apps:

Trello: It’s an easy collaborative tool that allows you to group pin information into different boards. You can then move the cards according to what stage the project is in.

Google Apps: A complete set of tools that will help you be more productive wherever you are, whether you prefer to use text, shapes or graphics.

Workflow: Develop a system and identify tasks that are slowing down your progress with this amazing app.

Pocket: Looking for an app where you can store all of your needed articles and links? Pocket will definitely help you be more organized.



While most artists are guilty of becoming a visualizer, we all know that every creative has their own unique personality. These visionaries, though, are what most people call “dreamers”. They are thinkers that are not so particular with notes. You often see catastrophe in his desk, but when you ask him for anything, he knows exactly where he left it.

Visualizers are people who think beyond what’s possible. They are people who cannot concentrate on doing one thing for several hours.  You can see them doing almost everything and trying to master a lot of topics. They are different. Organized in their own way.


  • Continuous innovation
  • Motivates the group and aspires to stand out
  • Brings fresh ideas and breaks the monotony of routine work


Useful Tips:

  • Hire someone whose detailed
  • Put everything in one place.
  • Exercise and meditate to keep your mental health well-balanced.


Recommended Apps:

Canva: This one is particularly helpful to those who are great at creating graphics.

Forest: Forest is a focus app that will help you eliminate distractions by putting down your mobile phone for a few minutes.

Slack: Communicate with your team from a distance and keep all your files in one place.

DigiCal: Keep all your events in one place. Easily view and manage your schedule through this organizing app.


So you see? There isn’t really such a thing as a 9am-5pm type of person. We are just so used to the world telling us that there’s only one way to do things. That’s why most people remain where they are, and a chosen few ever get to be on top.


Well, you know what my grandfather used to tell me? Child, if you want to stand out, be yourself. Everybody else is taken.

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