8 Secret Gmail Tricks You Absolutely Know Nothing About

8 Secret Gmail Tricks You Absolutely Know Nothing About

Rodolphe Dutel’s blog post in Time Magazine taught me some cool email hacks that would have probably saved my life! Today, I’m going to share to you the details of his revelation, along with a bonus trick I discovered while working as an email marketer.

Dutel is a former Google employee who had the opportunity to explore Gmail and its features. He’s now currently connected with Buffer and is happily managing Remotive.io.

1. UNDO Send
Have you ever sent an email, then eventually realize that you misspelled the name of your recipient? I can’t tell you how many times I fell for that trap! It’s particularly embarrassing since I’m marketing myself as a content specialist.

Now, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Phew! Gmail has been keeping a secret solution to quickly undo this unfortunate event. If you’ve noticed, you don’t see an UNDO option once you send an email. That’s because it isn’t activated. (What’s with all the secrets Google?)

To enable the Undo Send option, you need to go to General Settings, then check the Enable Undo Send box. Once done, you can now see the Undo button every time you send an email.

2. Canned Responses
What exactly are canned responses? These are like scripts or email templates that a user can save and use repeatedly when answering emails. Think of the most frequently asked questions you get or the most common responses you send, then compose an email and save it as a Canned Response.

To enable this option, you need to go to Gmail Settings, then click on the Labs Tab. Find the Enable Canned Responses box, and mark it checked. You can then now see this option every time you click on the drop down button located beside the trash icon.

3. Use Gmail Offline
I seriously hate it when my internet connection goes off, at a time when reports are due. When you’re like me, you’re life is basically detailed in your Inbox. So how does one survive such trauma? Easy, says Gmail. Just download the Gmail Offline app.

You can now read, compose, send and archive emails without any network connection.

4. Pause Your Inbox
People usually turn off their Wifis so that they won’t be distracted with their emails. But if you have a lot of research to do, having to live without Internet seems impossible these days. Good thing Gmail allows you to pause your Inbox for a bit, so that you can focus on what you’re doing without having to sacrifice your internet access.

Simply download this Chrome extension for free to activate your Inbox Pause option.

5. Unroll.me
It’s a web-based application that will help you unsubscribe from newsletters at one time. And the best part about it? You wouldn’t have to spend a single penny. Unsubscribe to more than 100 emails at one time. One can even receive reports as to which emails are not opened that often. Take control of your email, or else it will control you.

6. Keep Your Privacy Intact
The iCloud incident just proves to us how easy it is for hackers to get hold of our private information. Don’t give them an opportunity to steal your identity by following the two-factor authentication you can avail through Gmail.

Secure your gmail by verifying your phone number. Once someone tries to hack into your account without permission, you’ll receive an SMS with a unique code. Without this code, and your password, the perpetrator will be barred from accessing your email.

7. Sidekick
One of the limitations of email is not knowing whether your recipient was able to open and read your message. Well, someone finally invented an extension that will solve our worries. Sidekick is amazing with this, it takes out all the guesswork and helps us identify which emails are effective and which ones are ignored.

8. Delegate Your Email
This one is a particularly interesting feature. You can now grant access to your email account, without having to give your credentials to your assistant. The delegated user can read emails, reply to conversations in your behalf and even arrange your Inbox. He/she is however limited to some Gmail settings.

If you want to try this out, start by going to your Gmail Settings. Under the tab Accounts and Import, you’ll see an option named “Grant access to your account”. To add a delegated account, simply click on Add Account, type the email address of the person you wish to give access to, then wait for the other person to accept the request. It may take a few minutes for the delegated user to see the account in his/her Gmail dashboard. The user can see the delegated accounts by clicking on his profile photo located at the upper right of the screen.

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